Points to Consider: Funeral Home and Cremations Planning in Reynoldsburg, OH

Commemorative funeral and memorial services are held to honor the memory of a fallen loved one, and to provide comfort to surviving family and friends. These gatherings are an expression of love and solace for the departed. Planning a funeral home and cremations service in Reynoldsburg, OH, is never easy to do alone. Individuals and families that grieve may be better served to engage the help of an experienced funeral home for support. However, there is still much involvement by way of decision making. Here is a brief outline of planning considerations to think about:


When planning a funeral or memorial service, a primary consideration is how many friends, family, and community members will attend. Accommodating a small or large group will influence your choice of venue. 

To get a preliminary idea of who might come, start by considering the various social circles with which the deceased was connected. Think about their family, immediate friends first. Then move to employment circle, civic connections, hobby groups, religious or service community, etc. Write down the names of people as they come to mind. You certainly won’t be familiar with every friendship or connection that a person may have had in life. That’s ok. The important thing is to connect with those who were closest to the deceased. 

When it comes time to share funeral date and time, it’s a good idea to contact family and close friends personally with these details. Less intimate friends, connections, and acquaintances can be informed by social media, email, or an obituary published online or in a local paper, if such is available.

Cremation or Burial Service

The choice is a personal one, but if the deceased did not specify their preference for earth burial or cremation in life, the decision would fall to the family and loved ones. There are advantages to both, as well as drawbacks. 

A casket burial in a plot of earth can provide a visible, even tangible place where the deceased’s body is laid to rest. Those who grieve can return to the graveside again and again as they seek solace and comfort in their loss. It is an intimate reminder of life, and the certainty of death. When a body is present at the tribute service, it is called a funeral. Those who mourn the fallen may be moved by the presence of the deceased’s remains. For any suspended in disbelief, they can witness that death has occurred. In this realization, the healing journey can begin.

A cremation provides flexibility and mobility to the living who loved the deceased in life. Cremation services tend to be more affordable than a casket and earth burial. The body of the deceased is not present at the service, which is consequently called a memorial. The memorial functions in much the same way as a funeral in form and purpose. Those who gather to a memorial come for the relationship they shared with the deceased in life. After the service, the ashes of the deceased are dispositioned by the family according to their chosen means. Burial in an ash garden, interment in a columbarium niche, scattering at a beautiful location, or placement in a keepsake urn at home are all appropriate choices for final rest.

Location and Time

After you’ve decided upon cremation or burial service, you will have a better idea when and how to schedule the tribute service. Funerals generally occur shortly after death, since the body of the fallen will be at the service. Memorial services can occur long after death and cremation have occurred. Some families have held memorial services years after cremation care has happened. This allows time for family and friends to gather at a convenient time, long after the death of their loved one. 

Both funerals and cremations can be held in funeral home facilities, places of worship, at home, or a public place. Multiple memorials can be held if needed. They can be held in different locations. 

Service Leader

Often, funeral home and cremations services in Reynoldsburg, OH are carried out by a local faith leader. However, if that is not the deceased or the family’s preference, others can lead the funeral or memorial service. A funeral director, a life celebrant, a family member, or even a friend can carry out the service.

Funeral Home and Cremations in Reynoldsburg, OH

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