Meet Tara, our Grief Therapy Dog

The primary job of our grief therapy dog is to help people feel calmer -- exactly what is needed where people are grieving the loss of a loved one. Therapy dogs are nonjudgmental listeners who want nothing more than to be petted, and to provide comfort to human companions.

Scientists have proven that petting animals can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even create a hormonal response that raises serotonin levels which help fight depression.

Tara is a true professional and has undergone extensive training and certification.

Tara is available to be present
- at the time an individual has lost a pet
- when families are making funeral arrangements for a loved one
- during calling hours
- at a children's activity prior to a funeral service
- during a funeral service

If you would like Tara to be present at an event or service, call Roberta Knauf at 614-224-0010 or email